• Delivering MER in the Outer Moray Firth

    We are facilitating industry collaboration to unlock the latent potential of the Outer Moray Firth - Join us!

  • OMF SIG at DEVEX 2018 Conference

    Collaborating at Scale
    Can you unlock MER at a sub-basin level through industry collaboration?

    A real pleasure presenting the work of the OMF SIG. Great feedback.


    We'll have a full version of the presentation available here in the next day or so, so please do come back and check, or send us an e-mail and we'll mail it to you.


    For information on how you can become part of the OMF SIG please contact info@1stsom.com

  • OMF MER Conference

    OMF SIG MER Conference - 26th April 2018

    Based on Phase 1 work plan results, OMF SIG held its inaugural conference.

    50 attendees from across the spectrum - licensees, supply chain, academia, industry bodies, tech start-ups - brought their energy and diverse perspectives to the day and the MER challenge.


    Held under the Chatham House Rule the day gave all participants the opportunity to ask key questions and offer up insights that have enriched the debate.


    For information on how you can become part of the OMF SIG please contact info@1stsom.com

  • The Challenge

    The OGA and Area Plans

    A clear and regulated expectation that licensees will generate Area Plans to maximise the probability of achieving MER.

    OMF has defied critics and decline before

    Where will the 4th Hump come from?

    A Renaissance will only come through collaboration

    At this point in the cycle no one has spare people to "staff up" a joint initiative.

    That's where 1st Subsurface have come in - facilitating and resourcing the work required.

  • How to deliver MER

    How we propose to deliver an MER UK Area Plan for the Outer Moray Firth.

    A Brand New Unique Database

    MER Decisions require authenticated data

    Too often decisions have been based on what people bring with them, recycling their favourite old prospect etc. The Exploration Sub-Group decided that a challenge like MER requires a fresh start. Hence we have developed the basin wide database covering Prospects, Unsanctioned Discoveries & Producing/Decommissioned Fields.

    Phase 1 - the Size of the Prize

    Working "bottom up" to take an OMF PLC view

    Based on data from the public domain, OGA's Open Government Licence data sets and non-commercial data sets contributed by SIG members and other OMF stakeholders an enlarged Prize is emerging.


    Prior to the SIG starting its work there was about 1bn boe of Contingent Resources and Risked Prospective Resources. The number is now over 2bn boe.

    OMF Has Potential Across the Board

    This isn't just an Unsanctioned Discovery play

    The work to date is clearly showing that Exploration has a massive part to play in the MER story. 300 validated prospects and leads!


    Several decommissioned fields offer real potential in a portfolio approach to risk.

    Sign up and become part of the SIG

    Membership is open.

    If you have an interest in the future of the Outer Moray Firth and want to be part of the SIG, then membership is open.


    Please contact one of the team to discuss.

  • The Database

    It is the richest database ever commercially produced on the Outer Moray Firth

    Prospects & Leads

    Over 400 entries

    Every one of the Prospects and Leads is linked back to the source documentation, and where multiple interpretations have been made they are all recorded and available.

    Unsanctioned Discoveries

    All Unsanctioned Discoveries included

    Not only does the database include all the data from the 14 montages issued by the OGA for the 30th Round in this area, but it includes data and montages from a further 70 discoveries.

    Developed Fields

    ​A rich source of often ignored data

    OMF has 79 producing fields with multiple compartments. The database researches up to 80 parameters per field. These subsurface data are often ignored in the context of exploration and appraisal assessments. The database will hold these data sets and make them available as a fully integrated product. SIG members and other licensees are contributing further data to fill in any gaps.

    Integration & enrichment

    Bringing the disparate data sets together

    The database is configured to generate a multitude of workflow graphs, highlighting source type allowing much more context and intelligence to applied to parameter selection and uncertainty modelling.


    The portal will be configured to allow inclusion of anonymised data to further enrich the SIG's knowledge.

    Potential & Ranking

    Where are the prospects that fit your risk appetite?

    The database is configured to generate a multitude of workflow cross plots to help drive your decision making.



    Reflecting Reality?

    Inherited Database did not Reflect Discoveries

    When the SIG started to look at available data sources for Prospective Resources it found that they did not in any way reflect the results of the Discoveries.


    The new database is has been much more thoroughly researched so that it is now fit to answer the challenge.


    Let's not forget that you need to get product to point of sale

    It is embarrassingly true that licences have been applied for and awarded in the past where the infrastructure required will not be there when needed! This data set will include refreshed data and new data out with the standard ICOP issued data.


    Let's keep the lights on.

  • Who we are

    Here's the core team who are supporting the Licensees in delivering the Area Plan - please feel free to get in touch

    Mike Cooper


    Any questions on the Unsanctioned Discoveries or Producing Fields datasets then Mike is the one to ask.

    Maurice Bamford


    Maurice has been digging deep to find all the data on the Leads and Prospects - so if that your thing e-mail Maurice.

    Paul Lindop


    Commercial questions or interest in infrastructure and technology then Paul should be your first call.